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Why Climate Control?

Benefits of Climate-Controlled Storage

Do you really need climate control?

Have you ever walked into a shed that's been closed up for awhile? Remember the stale musty smell, the dirt, and the bugs? That's what outdoor, non-climate-controlled storage units are like.

Glass items can usually withstand these conditions. Everything else needs climate control. That's especially true in East Texas, where we have searing hot summers, high humidity, and occasionally, raw winter cold. 

Our storage units are kept between 60 and 80 degrees to prevent damage from temperature extremes and humidity. All units are indoors for to protect against dirt, pests, and water damage.  

Not worth the risk!

During summer, outside storage units easily reach temperatures of 120º or more. In this heat, foam padding in furniture or mattresses disintegrates. Wood warps. Elastic in clothing loses its stretch. Fabrics disintegrate. Glue hardens and breaks, ruining book bindings, and pages dry up and discolor. Even plastic storage bins lose their shape or get brittle; the lids sag, exposing the bin's contents to even more damage. 

High humidity causes mildew on anything made of fabric and warps wood. Even metal can rust in the humidity of an outdoor storage locker. Leather cracks in heat and mildews in high humidity. 

Dirt and bugs come through every crack. And most outdoor storage lockers recommend placing stored items on palettes in case of flooding. 

Climate control protects your property. 

At GET Storage, all lockers are inside our 5½-inch thick concrete building. Temperatures are kept between 60 and 80 degrees, and humidity is controlled. Our units are clean and protected from outdoor dirt and bugs. 

You'll rest easier knowing that your property is safe, secure, and protected at GET Storage. And you can access your storage unit 24/7 with your secure keycode. 

See for Yourself

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Inside one of our storage units at Get Storage