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Storage Tips

Make it EASY on yourself!

Storing your property can be hard work. But these simple tips will make the job much simpler. 

1.  Choose a storage facility wisely.

Your property is important to you. Otherwise, you'd get rid of it instead of storing it, right?. So start by choosing the best storage facility. 

Of course, you will want to consider cost and location. But other factors are even more important. Climate-controlled storage will protect your property from damaging heat and humidity. An indoor storage facility is much more secure. It also protects you from the dirt, pest infestations, and weather damage—especially from flooding—that are common problems with outdoor storage units. 

2. Be a smart packer.

Choose just one or two sizes of boxes to make stacking easier. Keep similar items together in the same box, and label every box with a number and a description of contents on the top and at least two sides. Pack items in labeled boxes

Keep an inventory of the boxes and what they contain. This tip will keep you from having to rifle through every box to find that camping equipment or the winter coats. 

Make sure all items are clean and completely dry before packing or placing in storage. Even in climate-controlled storage, damp items can mildew. 

Use quality packing materials, especially for breakables. We have packing boxes and packing materials available on-site from our partner, GET Moving.

3. Storing furniture or appliances?

Look for ways to save space by disassembling large items such as a table. Wrap table legs together in a labeled package. Place the hardware in a labeled plastic bag and tape it securely to the table so that later on, you won't be hunting for hardware or wondering what those screws are for. Stack chairs on top of each other seat-to-seat, and use the open space between chair legs for additional storage. 

Make certain that appliances such as refrigerators or ovens are completely clean and dry before storage, and prop appliance doors open to avoid mildew.

4. Plan your storage.

Place items you may need frequently in the front of your unit.

Draw a simple "map" of where your numbered boxes and other items are placed. Leave walkways in your unit so you won't have to climb around and rearrange all the boxes to find the one you need.  

5. Be security conscious.

Keep the key to your storage unit in a safe place, and never share your access code. 

If you are storing valuables, check with your home insurance agent to see if your policy covers storage. If not, consider buying insurance for stored property. 

6. Know what you cannot store.

It is illegal to store animals or to live out of a storage locker.Perishable items such as plants or food should never be stored. Neither should scented items like candles or soaps. These types of items tend to attract pests. Avoid packing materials (such as banana boxes) that smell of food and may attract bugs.

Some items are illegal to store. These include any items that contain fuel, chemicals or combustibles, fireworks, stolen property, and drugs (including prescription drugs).

Mittens may try to sneak into the packing boxes, but it is illegal to store animals (dead or alive). And don't store yourself. Even in a tough housing market, it is illegal to live out of a storage locker.

If you have questions about storage, please ask us. We'll be glad to help!

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